Company Law & Secretarial Service

Compliance mechanism under Companies Act and LLP Act mandates to file Returns /Forms to Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) to ensure the regulatory compliances. Compliance related filing of returns / documents with the office of Registrar of Companiescan be broadly classified in two categories;

a) Annual Statutory Compliances

  1. Filing of Annual Accounts
  2. Filing of Annual Return

b) Event Based Compliances

  1. Change of Name
  2. Increase Authorised Capital / Issue of Shares
  3. Creation / Modification / Satisfaction of Charges on the Assets of Company
  4. Change in Registered Office of the company
  5. Obtaining Certificate of Commencement of Business
  6. Statutory Meeting of a Public Limited Company
  7. Resolutions Passed by the Board / General Meetings and Agreements entered by
  8. the company
  9. Appointment of Directors / Managing Director and changes among them.
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